Technology: Charlie Ward, Kelli Rivers and Gene Decode: Exchanges, Health and Prosperity Incoming!

“In a four minute video, Charlie Ward outlined the three different types of Med Beds that will become available for all. They will start rolling out first in Texas and then in Florida, once the QFS (Quantum Financial System) is active. —The first type of Med Bed rebuilds limbs and the brief time it takes is unbelievable. —The second type of Med Bed is to do with your intellect. You can upgrade yourself to make yourself smarter. You can upgrade yourself into whatever profession you want to do. Incredible. —The third type is for people who have Alzheimer’s, cancer, polio, etc. the Med Beds will heal all that. As well, it can make you younger if you wish. They’ll be available very very soon. Wonders and marvels are absolutely coming. As Charlie always says, it’s an AMAZING time to be alive.”


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