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Gpa’s Fish’n Hole and Gma’s Kitchen Table are both truly About, “Where the Future Learns From the Past!”

We have created this site to help the future better understand and learn from our mistakes and mistakes of our history. The weight of a wealthy world is the power in some hands that wields the winds of control and manipulation. It is our goal to fill in the gaps of information with Reports, FYI, Education of the laws and statutes in which we are obligated to abide, a surety, when we take benefits and privileges from anyone or anything, “Implied Contract.” It renders us a dead entity, a corporate entity ruled by the “Master(s)” we choose to breathe life in to voluntarily.

For generations the proverbial can has been kicked down the road for future generations to bear the burden and the straws that break a camel’s back are beyond burdensome. So, at the very best, we can start by filling future generations tool boxes of life’s tools with tools they will need to first understand the world we live in and then perhaps the ability to glean a solution out of the ashes.

We pray each day that we can be a part of those solutions.

Ephesians 6

Psalms 23

Have A Blessed Day today and all days!

See you inside the “gilded cage” . . .

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