Do you understand what the varying technologies of the Inoculations are?

by Thomas Michael: Massion©

April 14th, 2021


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Do you know what an adjuvant is?

Adjuvants and Vaccines

Just one of many adjuvants, like human and animal tissue, used in traditional inoculations, Aluminum. Note: Also in the sky trails.

The Health Effects of Aluminum Exposure

Toxicity of Aluminum to Animals and Humans

“Toxicity to Humans

There is no doubt that aluminum intake can be toxic to humans under certain conditions. Regular intake of large doses of aluminum hydroxide can cause bone disease, anemia, and neurological problems in patients with poor renal function that cannot adequately excrete aluminum from the body. Similar effects can occur in healthy individuals if aluminum intake is high enough, over a long enough period. There are questions about the relationship of aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease and the health consequences of long-term, low-level exposures that remain unanswered.”

Aluminium in brain tissue in autism

Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?

Common Ingredients in U.S. Licensed Vaccines

– Why is aluminum in some vaccines?

– Why are antibiotics in some vaccines?

– Why is formaldehyde in some vaccines?

– Why is fetal calf/bovine serum in some vaccines?

Do you understand why the media and many others are throwing shade on J&J traditional technology since 1796 – when “Edward Jenner develops and documents first vaccine for smallpox.”?

Do you understand the difference between J&J vs Pfizer (mRNA) or Moderna (mRNA)?

Moderna: mRNA Technology, mRNA Platform: Enabling Drug Discovery & Development

Faith vs The Pandemic

Does the CDC and its members own patents on vaccines?

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