The CDC was, “Just a heads up!” for us way back in 2011.

Fun fact . . .
You do know the CDC is a Private corporation, right? Just as the United States (28 US Code 3002, 15a – “A Federal Corporation”), The FDA, The IRS and The Federal Reserve as well.

We live in their house, take benefits and privileges, we live and abide by their rules . . . good and not so good . . .”Full Faith in Credit” of the American People. That is, by obfuscation, we are collateral, chattel in the debt.

Wrap your heads around what it looks like when any entity files bankruptcy (1871, 1933, . . .202?), NOTHING remains the same . . . and what a better cover than to wrap it all in the chaos at all levels of a revised definition in 2009 by the World Health Organization of (Yup!) “Pandemic.” Essentially changing it from excessive “Deaths” to excessive “Cases.” YUGE difference. Read the CARES Act, they are paying Hospitals and States to label everything COVID19. Illinois receives $73,000 per case in Federal Aid above the up to 20% ($13,000 for diagnosis and $39,000 for a ventilator and death certificate.) Anyone see a conflict of interest or perhaps an agenda?

Anyone remember Kenneth Lay and ENRON trying to hide their failure? The Feds did!
How about all those companies in 2008 . . . the beginning of the end bandaged over with more debt?

THE WORLD IS BROKE(N) by Central Bankers!

Anyone remember the Nuremberg Trials?

Company Type: Corporation Subsidiary

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse


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