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The Greater Reset Activation The Agora – Rosa Koire

“UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is the comprehensive blueprint. It’s the “action plan”, as the UN calls it, to inventory and control all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, means of production, energy, education, transportation, information and all human beings in the world. It’s an inventory and control plan.”

This was impossible to achieve until the advent of computers. Rosa Koire’s book “Behind the Green Mask” (2011) explains what this is and how it developed.
Recommend do not use SMART devices. For Agenda 21, S.M.A.R.T = Sustainability, Monitoring, Assessing, Rating, and Tracking.

To fully execute their plan, the Globalists must end the US Constitutional Republic and impose the China model worldwide. Given the complete disintegration of the rule of law that we’ve witnessed in recent months and how all levels of our government are in thrall to blackmail and bribery – as exemplified by our Cadaver-in-Chief – it appears that they’ve already won.

Rosa says: “So now, as I conclude, I want to encourage you. I want to encourage you to be brave; to find the joy in simply being alive. Ask yourself: ‘What do I value?’ Recognize you, yourself are part of the reason that we’re in this situation. Have you preferred convenience to liberty? The Free World requires liberty with responsibility and that takes work. The work we do can be full of pitfalls, full of controlled opposition, which appears to be the answer but instead is a sort of a green-washed, candy-coated twisted circle of propaganda that goes back to the Green Mask. So you gotta stop and think. Never go along to get along. Know that there will be no Switzerland in this New World, no place to hide. So the time to resist is now. Refuse to collaborate. Don’t carry a smartphone. Don’t volunteer to give your biometrics or DNA. Don’t cooperate. Opt out, while you can and please, prepare to work to stay free. It takes all of us working to make this happen. Above all, my friends, remember who you are, laugh, dance and love and join us in creating the Greater Reset.

Original video: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/the-greater-reset-activation-the-agora-rosa-koire/ (with full transcript of Rosa’s presentation)
If you are interested in investigating The Greater Reset click here: https://thegreaterreset.org/

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